Spending more than 3 hours on you Phone, computer or Tv can cause alot of damage to your eyes.

This Newly Improved Photochromic Anti Blue Light Glasses Will Protect Your Eyes From Going Bad Due To UV Rays From Your Device Screen 

If your spend more than three hours on your phone, laptop or TV screen daily, then you should listen carefully and take this message seriously.


We live totally surrounded by screens, spending almost nine hours a day, on average, in front of digital devices.

All these devices emit blue light, and since our eyes aren’t protected against this overexposure, the light can be detrimental.

You can use Google to confirm this fact.

Whether you are watching the news or your favorite show on tv, or you are trying to catch up with trends or watching videos on social media.

Or maybe you are studying or doing office work on your computer. This is for you.

Some of us even spend as much as 10 hours and above daily looking at screens.
These screens produce light rays which damages our eyes over time.

Whatever you do, as long as it involves looking at the screen with your eyes, it will definitely definitely affects your eyes and you will start to notice the side effect either sooner or later .

The side effects could be headaches, blurry vision, insomnia, restless sleep, dry eyes which can cause your eyes to either turn red or itchy.

Some of you might say you haven’t noticed any of these side effects yet, despite always looking at the screen.

What if you haven’t been observant?

The side effect usually starts with showing subtle signs and symptoms.

With time, it will gradually get worse.

I personally felt same way 2 years ago when i was first introduced to the Photochromic Anti blue light glasses by a colleague in the office.

Gbenga, a tall young man in my former office then in Ojota, Lagos. He noticed how i used to scratch my eyes each time i come to the office.

He shared with me how he had similar problem in the past. After spending so much time and money in the hospital, he finally got the Photochromic Anti blue light glasses which has been beneficial to him ever since.

He suggested i get the Photochromic Anti blue light glasses and even gave me the link to the seller. Since i wasn’t having any sight issues, i was reluctant and ignored him, until it got worse.

One day, i decided to get the glasses, ever since then, my story changed and my constant aches, itches and redness of the eyes stopped. 

This was me the first week i got the glasses, lol.

These side effects does not mean that you have a hereditary eye problem, it simply means that the daily activities you do which involves you looking at your screen every time is gradually affecting your eyes.


The only solution is to stop looking at your TV, computer and phone screen.
As easy as the solution may sound, it’s impossible to do.       


In this time and age when almost everything we do revolves around our gadgets, one can barely stay a day without looking at his or her TV, computer or phone screen for atleast 5 hours a day, whether at work or at home.


Most of us study and read online, while some of us work with computers in our offices, so staying away from screens is not possible.


Going to see a doctor will require a lot of your time, money and tests for something you already know the cause.


What if I tell you that you can get a solution that will not only save your money, but also your time and stress?

A solution that will permanently put an end to your eye problems and protect you from further having it again in future.

This solution works for men, women, children and even old people.
The good part is, you do not have to limit the use of your TV, computer and mobile phones.               

The solution is the

Photochromic Anti blue light glasses

It is a medicated glasses specially designed to shield your eyes from blue light coming from either the sun or your digital devices like phones, TV and computer..  

It’s a device that many hospital and opticians might not want you to know about.


All you have to do is wear it while looking at the screens and it will protect your and block every harmful Uv light rays against your eyes.


Watch the video below to see the demonstration of how the glasses work.

From the above video, you can see that the blue UV light, which is similar to the one the screen of our devices produces could not penetrate thorugh the glasses. 

Just like other good products  in the market, there are many fakes out there. I have personally seen quite a number of them.

It will be very dangerous if you are wearing the fake because it will further complicate the problem.

To avoid buying the fake one, we recommend you buy from us.


How to Differentiate the Original from The Fake

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